Tools for Victory

We help our clients manage public perceptions through an integrated strategic communication campaign that bridges the gap between policy makers, their constituents, and the broader society. We offer our clients an array of innovative and powerful solutions such as:


Our team has trusted relationships with State and Federal elected officials, agency heads, policymakers, stakeholders, and influencers throughout Ohio, Washington D.C., and around the country. Our in-depth knowledge of the individuals, issues, and processes driving legislation and regulatory policy gives our clients the insight they need to put the right case before precisely the right audience, facilitating sensible and sustainable legislative and regulatory outcomes.


S&S helps clients build coalitions whether they are local, state, or national. Our experience includes public-private partnerships for business ventures, issue campaigns, and grassroots advocacy. By joining voices, our clients increase the strength of their message with a top-notch grassroots advocacy campaign for any situation and any demographic.


As your business grows, our team will assist you in getting acquainted with key players as they enter the Ohio market. S&S senior executives have decades of experience and relationships that span the world and every Fortune 500 company. We put these relationships to work for our clients by opening up new markets and creating opportunities which include capital funding, strategic planning, beneficial partnerships, B2B, lead generation, and more.


Our firm will act in concert with your leader to develop a fundraising plan and implement that plan by recruiting partners, identifying potential donors, and positioning your campaign for success. Politically engaged major donors and PACs around the country want to be assured that their donations are strategic and invested properly. Today’s political investors demand accountability, insightful updates, and a serious, well-thought out campaign plan to win. Our firm is uniquely positioned with a wealth of political knowledge, access, and keen analysis that offers the major donor the proper guidance for their dollars.